If you are looking for real estate, you must be specific about the exact type you are looking for.

The major categories are Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse and Land.

Those categories are each generally divided into “For Rent” or “For Sale”.

For rent can be parsed by lease or sublease

Lease can be direct (from a landlord), gross (expenses and escalations included) or net (where all expenses of operating and maintaining the real estate are the responsibility of the tenant.

The first type of real estate we will look for is:


Office (shared)

For rent


In this case we are looking for shared commercial office space available for sublease – specifically individual offices for rent within a larger office space where amenities and services are shared with the subtenant as required.

Shared office space is available throughout the country, certainly in all major urban areas and the best resource for finding individual offices for rent is a website that lists available offices by the type of profession the “host” firm is in.  This leads to a much better outcome when professional space occupiers can find synergies between the smaller subtenants occupying a portion of a larger organization’s office space.  The resource you are looking for is:  https://LookingForSpace.com

LookingForSpace.com is offers a “free to search” format where prospective tenants can make direct contact with other organizations that are advertising their available offices on the website.  There is no requirement to register or enter any of your personal information before you can see all of the data on all of the spaces advertised as available on the website.  The service was developed by experienced real estate professionals who specialize in the small office space market where they can provide the same type of professional advice that larger tenants receive – if that is what the advertiser wants.  However, the most unique aspect of this service is that you can choose to “do it yourself” or “get professional help”.

The do it yourself model is purely subscription based.  You pay a small monthly advertising fee and are free to make your listing whatever you would like it to be – with your own creative input for the images and description.

Alternately, the assisted model takes all of the responsibility away from you (except for the space tours which you do by yourself after the appointments are set up by the service) – literally they do everything except tour the space and sign the documents – which as the responsible tenant you will have to do yourself.